We believe in giving our customers the utmost care all the way down to the smallest details. Extending our knowledge and expertise, ensuring the perfect fit for your attire.

Quality - Construction

  • Full Canvas Construction - where hand stitching of hair canvas to the front of the suit jacket is involved , the lapels rolls naturally.

  • The under collars are felt lined to provide extra roll.

  • Shoulder pads are made to suit different styles and different body-structure, the shoulder pad is individually cut for each customer according to their shoulder slope.

  • All buttons are hand-sewn to maximum durability with a soft and flexible feel.

    Our tailors make sure that the pattern and stripe in the fabric match perfectly. 

  • Sweat gaurd is made with double layered fabric placed at the armhole that keep moisture and odors from being absorbed by outer fabric reducing the need for dry cleaning.

  • Jackets are tailored with double piped and flap lower front pockets. With this feature, jacket can be worn conservatively with the flaps outside the pockets, or stylishly with the flaps inside the pockets.

  • Along with your name a pen pocket, passport pocket, business card pocket and/or mobile phone pockets are created with piping for atmost usability and durability,



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